About Us

MakeLight Studios is owned and run by its founders, Ashley Rice and Ludick Kepler. After a successful fundraising venture on Kickstarter in 2016, MakeLight found its current home in Orange County in 2017 and opened its doors to the public in July.

We want MakeLight to be a creative playground for anyone interested in photography. While we offer traditional photo packages and sessions, our hope is to provide a space where both amateur and professional photographers can find inspiration and creativity.

Ashley has been sewing and creating costumes since she was 10. She has always been drawn to the visual arts, and is the creative force behind our sets and decor.

Ludick has been working as a professional photographer for over ten years.  His love for photography began at a young age and he studied at the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography.

We met in 2001 at San Diego Comic Con where we bonded over our love for costumes and photography. We began collaborating together, meeting up whenever possible to create photos that tell stories about imaginary places and characters. Having done dozens of photoshoots over the years, we realized the need for a photo studio space where we can bring our ideas to life.