About Us

Make Light Studios is the work of Ashley Rice and Ludick Kepler as we bring together our passions to create a photo studio for the next generation. Make Light Studios will be a creative space that suits the need of today's creative individuals. Inspired by photo studios in Japan which offer large scale, three dimensional, professionally lit sets that are available to the public. Like Hacostadium One in Tokyo or V-Studio in Kyoto, we want to offer a cosplay oriented indoor studio in Orange County. No more getting kicked out of hotel lobbies. No more fighting for “The Space” at a convention. Just well lit photos with beautiful backgrounds in a climate controlled, safe environment. Make Light Studios is also perfectly suited for photographers to rent space for their photography projects who don't have a dedicated studio space of their own, it will offer a full service photo studio with equipment rentals as well as various background and space options to bring their art to life.

Ashley is an accomplished cosplayer, and athlete who began her love for costumes when she was very young. Through the years she has created countless costumes and taken part in various competitions. She had the honor of representing the USA in the World Cosplay Summit and has earned awards for costuming skills at various shows and conventions.

Ludick has been working as a professional photographer for over ten years.  His love for photography began at a young age and he studied at the renown Brooks Institute of Photography.

Ashley and Ludick met back in 2001 at San Diego Comic Con where we bonded over our love for costumes and photography. I proposed a cosplay photoshoot as part of college project, to tell a story through photographs of each of the characters she had crafted costumes for. What started as a class project quickly grew into one of our favorite activities, meeting up whenever possible to create photos that tell stories about imaginary places and characters. Having done dozens of photoshoots through the years we realized the need for a photo studio space where we can have the time to bring our ideas to life. From not having enough time between the ceremony to the reception at her wedding to being kicked off various properties for cosplay photos we realized that photo studio that suits the needs of todays creative individuals.